Notariusz Świnoujście

Notary Public

Marcin Nawrocki – Lawyer and economist, familiar with the German legal system which he learned while studying at Rostock University and Greifswald University. The combination of legal and economic knowledge allows him to look at the analysed problem from various perspectives.


Marcin Nawrocki received scholarships which enabled him to participate in legal programs organized by Washington University, Jagiellonian University, Warsaw University and the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan. He received the scholarship of the Minister of National Education for the results in education that he obtained.


He completed a Notary Public specialization and he was an Assistant Notary Public which provided him with the knowledge and experience crucial in working as a Notary Public. He is proficient at German and English.


He has a passion for travelling, jogging and winter sports.


Notary Office
Marcin Nawrocki

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