Notariusz Świnoujście

Required documents

notariusz świnoujście

We need the following information for the purpose of each action taken in the Notary Office

- Information required from natural persons:

a) names, surname,

b) parents’ names,

c) identification card or passport number and expiration date,

d) register (identification) number,

e) full address, delivery address (if applicable),

f) marital status, possible excerpt from notary dead constituting regime of separate property,

g) if an action is taken by an attorney: excerpt of the notary deed – power of attorney.

- Information required from legal persons (e.g. companies):

a) valid transcript from the National Court Register,

b) register (identification) numbers – if they do not appear on the transcript from the National Court Register,

c) delivery address (if applicable),

d) data of natural persons representing the legal person – names, surname, identity cards or passport number and expiration date, register (identification) number, address of residence,

e) resolution of the proper body of the legal person including an agreement for taking action unless such a resolution is not needed according to the Act or founding act or statute of the legal person (e.g. articles of association).

Depending on the type of action taken, further documents and information will be needed, about which we will inform you at our meeting in the Notary Office.